Q. What does your service include?

The quoted price you receive includes the supply of all waste and recycling containers, waste collection, disposal and recycling at a frequency suitable for you - and the provision of the annual duty of care note.

Q. What are the hidden costs?

None. We do not have any hidden costs.

Q. Will you provide the waste duty of care notes?

Yes - We provide year long duty of care notices which mean less paperwork for you.

Q. Is there a long-term contract?

No contracts unless you want one. Our standard terms and conditions apply. 

Q. What are payment terms?

Payment either by cheque or BACS

Q. What can I do if there are problems after the waste collection service has commenced?

Call us and we will resolve any issues that you may encounter.

Q. Why choose us rather than any other supplier?

We are able to help small, medium and large sized businesses get the lowest price, by having greater customer care in mind. Our waste and recycling spend levels ensure we get a lower price than one business purchasing alone. We pass these savings on to our customers and also simplify the paperwork. We have a very high recycling rate.